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Anna’s Love Expression

10-year-old Anna had a serious asthma attack when she was with her parents in the mission field. She was airlifted to the nearest country to receive medical help. But she didn’t survive the asthma attack.

During her funeral service, many people testified of how they were encouraged and blessed by Anna. Her compositions, diaries and artwork have inspired them.

We pray that you would be inspired to love God too.

Anna’s Journal:

“My hero is Jesus Christ. He is my best friend. He helps me in times of trouble. He saved me from my sins. So Jesus is my hero as well as everyone else’s hero.

He did many wonderful deeds on earth. He did miracles, such as turning water into wine, resurrected the dead, and fed two thousand with two fish and five loaves of bread. He helped the poor and healed the sick. He also sacrificed himself to pay the ultimate price for our sins. I don’t know how to repay Him for doing so much.

I will also tell you why He is my hero. He saved us. He loves us. He also made us. These are my reasons for Him being my hero.

He is wonderful. He is marvellous. He is splendid. He is magnificent.

No one can underestimate His great deeds on Earth. He is God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit all in one form. I cannot describe Him very well, for He is absolutely too great for words. He was and is God’s only Son. He was sent to Earth to pay the price of bearing our guilt, sin, and sins. He saved us from perishing and withering away on earth, and forgave us even though we rebelled against Him and His ways.”

Anna’s Paintings:

anna_princess-small anna_nightscene-small anna_horse-small anna_house-small anna_duck-small anna_desert-small anna_faces-small anna_tortoise-small

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