Realizing God’s Calling in My Life

Written by J. Chow, Canada I had a difficult conversation with a good friend the other night. I was still thinking about it when I went to bed, and woke up late the next morning. I hate waking up late and still feeling tired. I missed class. I finally got up to make breakfast. The […]

“Would You Like To Upsize?”

“Would you like to upsize? It’s just 50 cents more.” Those words echoed in my head as I stood at the fast food counter weighing the options. In the end I declined and proceeded with my original order of a cheeseburger with regular fries and a drink. But I will freely admit that isn’t always […]

Will Malaysia ever be able to recover from the string of disasters?

Written By Lim Lay Hsuan, Malaysia It would seem no other nation suffered more loss in the past year than ours. In the Malaysian aviation sector alone, we lost three carriers. The latest one, involving an AirAsia (AA) flight, couldn’t have come at a worse time, amid the celebratory mood with the New Year just […]

Christmas, My Favorite Time of the Year

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. The celebratory atmosphere, the songs sung, and the joy that emanates from people during this period was

Taking A Leap of Faith in Ecuador

Many say, “Life is a journey with God.” But my friend described it as “an adventure” because it is full of ups and downs and it surprises you with many unexpected turns.

3 Things God Taught Me on My Recent Mission Trip

I went, expecting to give to others, but ended up receiving so much more. These are the three things (out of many others) that God taught me through

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go on Mission Trips

I am a full-time missionary. But I wasn’t always one. To serve full-time in the mission field was perhaps the hardest decision I have ever made in my life.