E A T.  W O R K.  S L E E P.  R E P E A T.

It’s a cycle we’re familiar with and may not spend much time thinking about.
How about pause, take a step back, and ask the obvious why:
Why am I doing all these?
Why am I feeling this way? Why am I alive?

At YMI (which stands for Why Am I?), we encourage you to dive into deeper conversation about everyday life.
This ongoing cycle need not be a mundane one. 

Let’s take time to discover our purpose and make our lives count for the one who gave life to us.  

M A K E   G O D ‘ S  W O R D   K N O W N

We can’t do this work without like-minded friends. Share about the amazing way God has been working in your life, and be encouraged by the stories of your peers. 

G E T   I N V O L V E D

We’d love to help if your desire is to use your talent (writing, photography, art, etc.) for His glory.

Write to us at contribute@ymi.today or go to the CONTRIBUTE page.

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