R E Q U I R E M E N T S  

F O R   A R T  & D E S I G N

Original artworks: All content submitted must be designed by the artist. We will accept content that has been published or submitted elsewhere, but do note that all content will have to go through a vetting process before it is posted.

Type of artworks we are interested in:




Handwritten typography or graphically designed scripture or Christian quotes.


Landscape, Nature, Travel, Motion, street, portraiture, still life and action photography.


Photos of paintings in watercolor, Acrylic, Oil…etc.


Stop motion, moving graphics, Gifs, film…etc.


Original song & lyric compositions or music videos


Embroidery, Art Installations, Paper Cutting, Wood work…etc.

Statement of faith: All content must not be contrary with Our Daily Bread Ministries’ statement of faith (http://ourdailybread.org/statement-of-faith/).

Graphic artworks : png, jpg, pdf. Size: max 5mb

Photos : jpg. Size: max 5mb

Videos : mov, gif, mp4. Size: max 5mb

Song/Music : mp3, mp4. Size: max 5mb

Credit: Provide links or attributions where necessary and give credit where it is due.

Bible text: When quoting bible passages, use NIV (2011).

G U I D E L I N E S   F O R  

C R E A T I V E   C O N C E P T S

Your creative concepts and messages should be guided by Christian themes such as: truths from scripture, experiences and lessons from God or highlighting life issues for your viewers to reflect on.

Think about what you’re communicating and the response you desire your viewer to have. Is your content meant to inspire your reader towards prayer? Commitment to God? Love for God and for people? Service to God and to people?

To begin a project, here’s some steps we think is good to take:

  1. Think about a project concept (Be clear and succinct in your description)
  2. Have relevant biblical principles and/or lessons that the reader can take away.
  3. Choose a catchy or thought provoking title.
  4. When designing, keep your audience (young people) in mind.
  5. Choose a medium that will best represent your concept.

M O N T H L Y   T H E M E S

Here are our monthly themes that you follow too.

This Month’s Theme

Field Notes (How-To’s) [Navigating Life’s Maze]

Topics to explore: Work, Education, Life Phases, Seasons and Transitions, Manuals (How to Survive xx, etc), Testimonies, Advice and Encouragement, Older Gen/Person to Younger Gen/Person, Mentoring, Discipleship, Authority, life-hacks, quick-fixes

Next Month’s Theme

Fantasy vs Reality [Fake it or Face it?]

Topics to explore: Idealism, Perfectionism, Dramas, Romance, Superheroes, Fairytales, Delusions, Contentment, Wanderlust, Travelling, Virtual World, Gaming, “What If” Life, International Friendship Day, Supernatural, Miracles, Revelation (reality), false reality of social media, Dreams & Wishes, imagination

S O M E   T H I N G S   T O  

T A K E   N O T E   O F :

  1. YMI may change any of these guidelines at any time and post the amended guidelines on our website.
  2. All content will have to be vetted before it is posted.
  3. You may be asked to further tweak your artwork if necessary.
  4. YMI may make last minute modifications to the title of your projects/contributions and the date of posting without telling you beforehand. All other changes to your content will be sent to you for your agreement before it is posted.
  5. YMI will only post your work when both sides reach an agreement on the revisions made (this excludes the title of the project and date of posting).


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