I T ‘ S   G R E A T  S E E I N G
Y O U  H E R E.

YMI is a platform to engage Christian young people all over the world in deeper conversation about the reason behind all that we do, think and feel. Join us by using your God-given talent to share His life-changing word.

Share how God has been working in your life through:

• Original writings (essays, reflections, devotions, reviews, poems, etc.);
• Art (photography, illustrations, typography, etc.); and
• Original songs and/or song covers

or by following our theme of the month.

Next Month : Love & Relationships [A Heart Affair]

Topics to explore: Sexuality, Family, BGR, Friendships, Marriage/Wedding, Intimacy, Singlehood, Commitment, Sacrifice, Valentines, Falling in Love, Broken Relationships, Relationship with God, Dating/Courtship, Forgiveness, Quarrels/Arguments, Reconciliation, Boundaries, Approval, Societal Pressure, Friend-zone

Next Month : Heart & Mind [An Ongoing Battle]

Topics to explore: Emotions, Logic, Knowledge, Loving God with Heart/Mind, Comparisons (Heart vs Mind, Knowing/Thinking vs Feeling, Flesh vs Spirit, Male vs Female), Worry, Temptation, Conflict

We encourage you to read through the writing and creative guidelines below. We look forward to hearing from you.