I T ‘ S   G R E A T  S E E I N G
Y O U  H E R E.

YMI is a platform to engage Christian young people all over the world in deeper conversation about the reason behind all that we do, think and feel. Join us by using your God-given talent to share His life-changing word.

Share how God has been working in your life through:

• Original writings (essays, reflections, devotions, reviews, poems, etc.);
• Art (photography, illustrations, typography, etc.); and
• Original songs and/or song covers

or by following our theme of the month.

This Month : Idealism [A Struggle For Good]

Topics to explore: Justice, equality, morality, rights, naïve, ignorance, delusion, gray areas,  perfection, relativity, plastic surgery, ideal lifestyle ,cynicism, skepticism, perfection, obsessive compulsive disorders, ‘ifs’

Next Month : Giving [A Blessed Endeavor]

Topics to explore: Sacrifice, Jesus, gifts, time, effort, life, love, generosity, motives, intentions, tithing, service, first fruit, biographies of people who gave, possessions, treasures

We encourage you to read through the writing and creative guidelines below. We look forward to hearing from you.