won’t somebody love me?

By Favian Ee, Singapore


Have you ever felt unloved? Have you ever felt like everybody is rejecting you, pointing fingers at you and talking behind your back? Have you felt as if the whole world was finding fault with you and wanting to alter your face? Have you ever come to the point of not loving yourself, and wondering if anybody on earth could love one such as you?

Well, I have. It still happens sometimes, and I’ve done it to people myself.

Doesn’t all this lead us to wonder, “Isn’t there anybody out there who would love me for who I am and what I’ve been?”

I believe there is. Would you like to meet Him?

[Used with permissions from Wen’s World]


real love

By MeL Scribe, Australia

Real Love
Then how, my friend, can love be measured?
It is not compared by distance, quantity, or volume.
It cannot be confined from the ends of the earth to the centre of the sun,
It is not something to be counted in tens of millions,
Nor can it be expressed and poured into a cup.

Love begins from but one person, as a small distant thought,
But it spreads faster than a mad wildfire, yet it heals, not destroys.
As it travels it leaves a trail of warmth in its wake,
Strengthening the weak and supporting the strong,
Encouraging the shy and emboldening the brave.

No, my friend, love is immeasurable,
Nothing can be compared to the vastness of love.
For love is eternal, as it is not of this dying world,
Created by God’s mighty hand to last forever.
And the strongest of love drives out fear.


bursting forth in glorious day

By MeL Scribe, Australia

I look to the ground. Here she comes.
A teacher I know well.
I didn’t feel like talking then;
There wasn’t much to tell.

Except the things I’d failed to do.
Keep expectations held.
How disappointed would she feel
When fears and shame would meld?

And afterwards I walked away
I’d lost the faith I’d had.
What happened to my trust in God?
Don’t tell me I’d gone mad!

Why couldn’t I trust in the Lord
The One who designed me?
He gave me words to spell it out –
Why not do so with glee?

If I could but rewind the time
Perhaps instead of frown
I’d throw my head back, crying out
My God won’t let me drown!

He’s big enough, He made the world –
And everything within
The glory all belongs to Him
Who spoke, and made man’s skin.

What is a mark that bears my name?
Naught but a tiny speck!
For in His sight I’m worth far more
Than what I am—a wreck.

He loves you so. He sent His Son
To quench His awful wrath.
So if you were the only one
He’d still have died your death.

My soul cries out in praise now, Lord.
How easy it’s become!
I think, the words appear, and hence
They join to make a poem!

You are Creator of all things
From universe to ant
Yet you’re the One who cares for me
There’s nothing more I want.

Who else can conquer death like You?
Or free who Satan bound?
You are the Strong and Mighty King
Who turned my life around.

Let me not strive for other loves,
But always honour You;
For my only fulfillment comes
From praising You what’s due.

Night is upon me now, O Lord,
I pray before I sleep:
May I recall Your adoration
And in my heart it keep.


cause of death: love

By Reggie Ng, Singapore

“A reflection on this Valentine’s Day as I consider Jesus’ love for us on the Cross. Praise Him for granting me a deeper understanding of HIS LOVE. May God used it to help many people on realize how much He loves them.”

cause of death: love