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Why I’m Dying to The Beauty Ideal

Growing up, I was no beauty queen. I had a mouthful of braces to realign my Bugs Bunny-esque teeth, and I wore wire rimmed glasses to correct my short sightedness. To complement my already awkward features, I had short—and often frizzy—hair. Best of all, weekend activities spent under the hot, tropical sun had given me an ugly tan.

What My Ideal Family Looks Like

I had always wished that I was an Eurasian, so I would have nice big, deep-set eyes and light brown hair. Ideally, I would be the youngest of three, with two elder brothers, and I would be studying in an international school in an Asian country where my dad works as a diplomat. My English […]

Louis Zamperini: Every Hero Has a Story

I ran into former Olympic track runner and World War II prisoner of war (POW) survivor Louis Zamperini in the bargain bin—his book was going for $5. “An extraordinary true story of courage and survival”, said the book cover. A review by Vanity Fair magazine called it “One of the most remarkable survival tales ever […]

Why I Didn’t Give Up on Hope

I once held a very dim view of the word “hope”. It sounded wishy-washy to me. If hope was personified, it would be a weak-willed doormat with no opinions of its own. To hope was to foolishly cling to the belief that someone would grant your wish after you threw a couple of coins down […]