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3 Things I Learned About My Sin-Filled Life

Ever felt the urge to do something you knew was wrong in God’s eyes, but stopped because you mustered up the strength and courage to put off the earthly, ungodly desires of the heart? And then found yourself going ahead and committing the sin moments later, because the flesh was weak even though the spirit was willing?

Are There Superhumans In This World?

A YouTube video titled “Stan Lee’s Superhuman Super Samurai” caught my attention recently. Having been trained in Japanese martial arts myself, I was curious to find out what this super samurai, Isao Machii, could do. True to the video’s claim that he possessed superhuman ability to slice through the smallest objects with incredible speed and […]

Are We Sinning More on Social Media?

It’s 3 a.m. in the morning. I toss and turn in bed, trying to combat insomnia. I give up, reach for my iPhone and, without thinking, launch my Facebook app (bad habit, I know.) Facebook and Instagram seem to be the two apps I’m always clicking on my mobile phone, most of the times unconsciously. […]