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Why Miscommunication Happens so Often

Have you had a friendship or relationship sour because of poor communication? Perhaps a boss did not tell you something in advance but eventually blamed you for not completing an assignment on time. Or, some project group mates did not tell you that they needed help—until the deadline came.

My Unconventional Heroes in the Faith

When we reflect on faith heroes who inspire us in our walk, names like Father Abraham, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther, John Calvin, specific pastors or leaders may spring to mind. Their faithfulness in service and their contributions toward Christianity and humanity are undeniable. In fact, if you think about it, Jesus Christ, our Lord and […]

Bidding Farewell to Little Miss Perfect

I sat at the piano, wondering where all my years of musical training had disappeared to. I knew that I was capable of doing better than this. What had happened to me? Then again, why was I so affected by a couple of mistakes? Why was I bothered by the fact that I had failed […]

What are your Resolutions Motivated by?

Coming up with New Year resolutions at the start of the year is a common practice that dates back to the ancient Babylonians some 3,000 years ago. Although the Bible does not mention what we should do at the start of each year, there is nothing unbiblical in setting new goals to work towards improving […]