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I am Pregnant | King David and King Jesus

By David Wong, 21, Singapore Later, when Bathsheba discovered that she was pregnant, she sent David a message, saying, “I’m pregnant.” —2 Samuel 11:5 Samuel chapter 11 opens with David neglecting his kingly duties. It leads to adultery, and culminated in the murder of an innocent man. This week, we will briefly examine the fall […]


Brought Near | King David & King Jesus

By David Wong, Singapore So David sent for him and brought him from Makir’s home. —2 Samuel 9:5 (nlt) After Ziba revealed to King David that Jonathan had a crippled son who is still alive, instead of rejecting him due to his handicap, David accepted Mephibosheth and asked for his location. We pick up the story in verse […]


David and Mephibosheth | King David & King Jesus

By David Wong, 21, Singapore Saul and his family had been killed (1 Sam. 31; 2 Sam. 4), and David reigned supreme over a united Israel. At that time, David remembered the house of Saul and desired to show “the kindness of God” to someone from Saul’s house. Ziba, a servant in Saul’s house, informed David […]