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Monsters University

By Joy Goh, Singapore The first prequel to Pixar film Monsters University reads like your typical college-themed movie—a story about an unlikely pair of friends who form the college underdogs’ team—except that this time round, we have lots of fabric dye and fantastic comedy thrown into the mix. Mike and Sulley (voiced by the fabulous […]

Overcoming Gatsby’s Crisis

By Sheryl Tay, Singapore Jay Gatsby had an identity crisis. Sure, his perseverance was admirable, but his efforts were aimed at pleasing multiple characters in his life. Yes, he did become Jay Gatsby—his ideal persona (his real name was James Gatz), but he did so by engaging in corruption. Yes, he did become Daisy’s lover, […]

Do recent earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters indicate the endtimes?

By Dan Vander Lugt There have been some powerful earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and other natural disasters recently, but they aren’t unique to our time. Because population density is much higher today than in past centuries, more people tend to be killed when natural disasters occur. People of Jesus’ day were superstitious and believed that natural […]

Reflection on “Seconds”

Written by Benjamin Smith, Perth, Western Australia As I sit deep in thought, In my family’s lounge room, My attention is drawn to an old pendulum clock. I spend time and thought reflecting on this clock, Reflecting on time itself. As the pendulum swings from side to side, The chime goes tick, tock, tick, tock, […]