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How to Prepare Our Hearts for Easter

By William Lukman, Indonesia When you watch a movie, do you pay particular attention to the ending? Well, I do. When I watch movies that do not have a good ending, I often feel frustrated and wonder why I bothered spending the past one-and-a-half hours or so watching that movie! What about the life of […]

The Gift of Friendship

By Melisa Manampiring, Indonesia In my younger days, I used to be a bookworm. My time was spent mainly in studying, going to school and attending church services. I was dead focused on getting the best grades at school. I was a quiet person and my schoolmates considered me strange. I felt that socializing would […]

Pent Up Feelings

By Tabita Cioloca, 17, Romania I’m puzzled at how people can keep their emotions so well hidden. Imagine the buildup pressure due to the suppressed feelings. It’s like a time bomb, waiting to explode anytime. I doubt I could handle that sort of pressure everyday! But sometimes I find myself caught in such a predicament, […]

Escape From Reality

By Josh Yap, Australia Feeling down, I reached for my handy music player, hoping for some music therapy. Then Boston by Augustana popped up in my playlist. The chorus echoed my melancholic thoughts: You don’t know me And you don’t even care, oh yeah And you said, you don’t know me And you don’t wear […]