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What Hope is There Six Feet Under?

To be honest, death really scares me, though not in the same way I get scared by horror movies and flying cockroaches. It’s the uncertainty of death I find absolutely frightening—there is no way of knowing when the “unwanted visitor” is going to come a-knocking, and no way of bolting the door. The slew of […]


The “Giant” Beside Me

During one of my church’s mission prayer focus sessions, I heard an interesting testimony about a young missionary whom I shall refer to as “M”. Just shy of her 30th birthday, God called M to South America where she rented an affordable apartment near her office. There was only one problem: she had to walk […]


Why I Finally Embraced Discipline

I was a regular at detention in secondary school, so much so that I could be entrusted to give instructions to fellow “detainees” whenever the teacher in charge was occupied. There was sweeping, dusting, and mopping to be done on some days, and stacking, arranging, and counting on others. Tasks were mundane and most of […]