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Thriving in a Single-Parent Family

My parents separated when my brother had just turned three and I was going on four. I have no doubt the years following the divorce were extremely tough on my mum, but I have no recollection of them as painful years. Instead, I remember learning how to swim, how to ride a bike, and even […]

Why I’m Mourning for the Sabah Quake Victims

The reports on the victims of the recent Sabah earthquake have been for me, most horrifying to read. As the names of the bodies identified were listed, I realized that I had trained some of these students and had even worked with the teacher who had lost his life, just last year. Up till now, […]

What Hope is There Six Feet Under?

To be honest, death really scares me, though not in the same way I get scared by horror movies and flying cockroaches. It’s the uncertainty of death I find absolutely frightening—there is no way of knowing when the “unwanted visitor” is going to come a-knocking, and no way of bolting the door. The slew of […]