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ODB: Mysterious Truth

Sometimes when the infinite God conveys His thoughts to finite man, mystery is the result. For example, there’s a profound verse in the book of Psalms that seems to present more questions than answers: “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His faithful servants” (116:15 niv).I shake my head and wonder how that can be. I see t


ODJ: live prepared 

On a recent family trip, we were driving late at night through thickly wooded areas. A small bright gleam to the left captured our attention, and my husband quickly slowed the car as two deer leaped across our path. We took that teachable moment to explain to our children the power of peripheral vision—giving them insight to use one day when they’re behind the wheel.
Our spiritual journey ca


Did Jesus judge the woman caught in adultery?

This video is based on John 8, when Jesus went to the Mount of Olives. Sometimes we can get so caught up with the sins of others that we forget that the Lord had first forgiven us. It is a good reminder for us to daily ask the question which Matthew 7:3 poses: “Why do […]


ODB: Stranded

Traveling by bus from Memphis, Tennessee, to St. Louis, Missouri, typically takes about 6 hours—unless the bus driver leaves you stranded at a gas station. This happened to 45 passengers aboard a bus who waited 8 hours overnight for a replacement driver after the original driver abandoned them. They must have felt frustrated by the delay, anxious about the outcome, and impatient for rescue.Josep