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Grace Upon Grace

Apr 26, 2017/by Contributor

In Remembrance of Me

Apr 10, 2017/by YMI

Poem: The Hope That Lifts Me Up

Apr 7, 2017/by YMI

The Perfect Source

Apr 7, 2017/by YMI

Grace & Mercy At The Cross

Apr 5, 2017/by YMI

Distractions Of The World

Mar 8, 2017/by YMI

Don’t Give Up

Feb 28, 2017/by Contributor


Feb 27, 2017/by Contributor

Living From Love

Feb 24, 2017/by Contributor

Love One Another

Feb 23, 2017/by Contributor

7 Things You Can Do To Be A Better Friend

Feb 22, 2017/by YMI

‘AGAPE’ love

Feb 16, 2017/by Contributor

Made to Relate

Feb 15, 2017/by YMI

Life Without Relationships

Feb 8, 2017/by YMI

More Than A Verse

Feb 1, 2017/by Contributor

Capturing Creation

Jan 11, 2017/by Contributor

Small Actions. Big Changes.

Jan 4, 2017/by YMI


Dec 7, 2016/by Contributor

Psalm 73

Nov 30, 2016/by Contributor

Drawing assurance from God

Nov 9, 2016/by Contributor

CHOICES | Themed Contribution

Oct 28, 2016/by Christine C

5 Choices every Student entering University must make

Oct 26, 2016/by YMI

CHOICES | Themed Contribution

Oct 21, 2016/by Nanda B

Broad Strokes, Big Reminders

Oct 18, 2016/by Contributor

The World vs The Word

Oct 12, 2016/by YMI

Healing Through Brutality

Oct 5, 2016/by Marie T

Faces Of The World

Sep 30, 2016/by Galih S


Sep 28, 2016/by Contributor

Is Justice Worth It?

Sep 26, 2016/by Contributor

SOCIAL ISSUES | Themed Contribution

Sep 23, 2016/by Nanda B

SOCIAL ISSUES | Themed Contribution

Sep 22, 2016/by Christine C

Wood You Trust Him?

Sep 21, 2016/by Contributor

Porn Says Vs Love Says

Sep 14, 2016/by Contributor

Polluted Soul

Sep 7, 2016/by Contributor

What Love Really Means

Aug 24, 2016/by Nico_N

SUCCESS | Themed Contribution

Aug 22, 2016/by Christine C

Be a fruitful worker

Aug 17, 2016/by YMI

Is This Success?

Aug 10, 2016/by YMI

SUFFERING | Themed Contribution

Jul 29, 2016/by Christine C

RE:Align / Pain or Gain?

Jul 27, 2016/by Contributor

Bloom In Doom

Jul 22, 2016/by Marie T

Finding God In Everyday Things

Jul 20, 2016/by YMI

When Life Gets Tough

Jul 13, 2016/by Contributor


Jul 6, 2016/by YMI

What If Jesus Had Facebook?

Jun 14, 2016/by YMI

Are You In Sync With Technology?

Jun 8, 2016/by YMI

ENTERTAINMENT | Themed Contribution

Jun 1, 2016/by Christine C

In Data We Trust

Jun 1, 2016/by YMI

Misconceptions Of The Church

May 24, 2016/by Andrea S

Like A Root Out Of Dry Ground

May 20, 2016/by YMI

What If There Was No Church?

May 18, 2016/by YMI


May 16, 2016/by YMI

CHURCH | Themed Contribution

May 14, 2016/by Christine C

What’s Your Spiritual Style?

May 11, 2016/by YMI

The Existence of Being

May 4, 2016/by Contributor

Ways To Live For All Your Days

Apr 27, 2016/by Contributor

Flavors of Life

Apr 20, 2016/by YMI

Confessions of a Christian Life Hacker

Apr 18, 2016/by YMI

LIFE HACKS | Themed Contribution

Apr 16, 2016/by Christine C


Apr 6, 2016/by Nico_N

Love of God

Mar 30, 2016/by Contributor

Stations At The Cross

Mar 26, 2016/by YMI

Why Does It Have To Be This Way?

Mar 23, 2016/by YMI

At The Cross

Mar 14, 2016/by Contributor

HEAVEN & HELL | Themed Contribution

Mar 11, 2016/by Christine C

Heaven is…

Mar 2, 2016/by Andrea S

In His Time

Feb 17, 2016/by Contributor

Be Still

Feb 10, 2016/by Christine C

Collection #2 | On The Right Track With Jesus

Feb 4, 2016/by Visual Scenes


Jan 29, 2016/by Contributor

IDENTITY | Themed Contribution

Jan 27, 2016/by Christine C

Just trying to find myself

Jan 25, 2016/by YMI

These are a few of my favorite quotes

Jan 20, 2016/by YMI

In Christ Alone

Jan 18, 2016/by YMI

Collection #1 | On The Right Track With Jesus

Jan 13, 2016/by Visual Scenes

Fruit of the Spirit

Jan 6, 2016/by YMI

Post a card of Hope

Dec 25, 2015/by YMI

Jesus At the Center

Dec 24, 2015/by YMI

Christmas in a Cuppa

Dec 17, 2015/by YMI

Birch Christmas Ornaments

Dec 15, 2015/by YMI

Jesus I Love You

Dec 15, 2015/by YMI

A Meaningful Christmas

Dec 10, 2015/by themakerjess

The 7 Christmas Scenes

Dec 7, 2015/by Galih S

I Surrender

Nov 23, 2015/by YMI


Nov 18, 2015/by John Paul F

The Mountains Declare His Glory

Nov 4, 2015/by Phoebe C

With The King

Nov 2, 2015/by YMI


Oct 21, 2015/by Gloria T

Glitter Portrait

Oct 19, 2015/by Galih S


Oct 12, 2015/by YMI

The 100 Day Project

Sep 30, 2015/by YMI

Be Thou My Vision

Sep 16, 2015/by YMI


Sep 2, 2015/by Rachel T


Jul 30, 2015/by Rachel_m


Jul 3, 2015/by Marie T

The 7 ‘I AM’s’

Jul 3, 2015/by Galih S


Jun 30, 2015/by Galih S