The Secret Place

Title: The Secret Place
Materials: Painting
Artwork by: Susanna April (@susannaapril)
Description: Two years ago I was in a much different place in my creative journey. My lack of true source and drive was strangling me of what creativity I had left inside of me and leaving me dry and barren. I knew it.. and I truly hated it and longed for God, but didn’t know how to make space for Him to speak.

Honestly, it was like learning to walk again. Everything I created was cheesy and lame and floral and just not cute or minimalist or anything that I actually thought I was. It was literally annoying and I so often ripped page after page out and threw it away. But it was the pruning that my heart needed, the being unknown, the lack of a following, the embarrassment of again creating another floral wreath during class that looked like the same from every other day.

I’m still on the journey. I haven’t arrived. My creativity still lacks energy often and I still struggle sometimes with comparison and drawing inspiration from the wrong places… But, if there’s one thing that will transform your creative journey – it’s friendship with Jesus. It’s so worth it. He’s the best teacher.









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