Poem: Forgive Me, Truth

Written By Meg Rentoria, Philippines

I turn my eyes away from you
and instead put on tinted lenses
I drown your call with senseless noise
and ignore your steady presence

I keep you confined in a dark alley
Trapped in a corner, wounded and beaten
As though you can be hidden in death’s valley
Am I sorely mistaken?

I’d never want to acknowledge your existence
Your being is choked, concealed, and twisted
Manipulated even till it makes no sense
Your intrinsic beauty all lay wasted

I have talked about you in secret
In whispers and mumbles I hid
Break the silence, would I regret?
Or would it be my best deed yet?

Will you forgive me, Truth?
For the deceit I brought
Pardon me for being such a brute
You don’t deserve this, not one blot

Oh deception should be defeated
You must be known, revealed for all to see
If you can’t be heard, we are all to blame
But you shall prevail, Truth, you cannot be vanquished

Because God is truth (John 14:6), we, His children, should speak the truth and walk in the truth. Today, ask God to help you know His truth and live it out by speaking honestly with everyone you know.

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