1. y
    y says:

    Cz no one would ever strive for failure. Hence, people strive for the opposite : success. However, success is often measured by fame, fortune, facebook likes, academic achievement, career advancement etc. All this success is temporary, fading and one day, despite it all, we will have to part with it. What drives us to be successful is also crucial. Our motivation might be to prove to the world we can be somebody or jealousy, or self indulgence.
    When we view success through God’s perspective, we are on the road to true victory. Instead of letting ourselves become a slave to success, we can use our gifts for the benefit of others. True success comes when we finally acknowledge our worth in Christ and give thanks for all that we’re able to do through Christ who strengthens us, trusting that He will provide us with all we need and putting our faith into action.

  2. Al
    Al says:

    simply because we are not limiting God on what He can do for us. Every person has its own gifts and our responsibility is to unlock those gifts that He has given so we could live in full. He is faithful to His promises and we can claim it by putting our trust in Him and obey His commandments.


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