5 Minutes with Singer-songwriter: Dominick Cox

1. Could you tell us more about yourself?

Hi I’m Dominick, originally from New York but I now live in Nashville Tennessee. I’m currently pursuing music as a solo artist and have been touring throughout the United States. Wherever God calls me to, I’m willing to go.

My interest in music started when I was in Elementary School; I learned to play the saxophone and sang in the choir. Since then, music has been a large part of who I am. I performed regularly and joined many music competitions in my growing up years. Eventually, I taught myself to play guitar so I could sing and play for my children.

About five years ago, a friend at church asked me to join his local worship rock band.  As I began to perform, I realized that my story and music was making an impact on the lives of others.  When I told the band that I wanted to head to Nashville to pursue a career in music, many of them did not feel led to go beyond a small local band. That began my journey as a solo artist.  It proved to be the right choice as I’ve since had many opportunities to build deeper relationships with the people I’ve come into contact with.

Many people have asked me why I named my music ministry Driven 11 instead of going by my name, Dominick Cox. The 11 refers to Hebrews 11 where we see faith in action. We are driven to go and pursue God’s calling regardless of what the outcome may be. We are simply called to be obedient, God does the rest.  I felt that the name “Drive 11” would be more representative of my ministry work, as I’m also a speaker, author and ministry director. I also see this as something much greater than me and don’t want the spotlight on me.

2. What is Driven 11 about?

Simply put, it’s about inspiring faith in action. Many times, we become stagnant in our faith or think that our piece of the puzzle is insignificant. The reality is that we are meant to build the kingdom, right where we are at, with whatever we have.  This is how real change begins.

3. Why did you write this album and what do you hope to achieve?

Over my past three years in ministry which included going on missions and tours, I would meet believers who think that they are not good enough to be God’s vessel.  Sure, they go to church and say nice things to each other but it stops there.  For most, they were just putting on a show because they did not think they wonderfully made to be amazing right where they are.  They did not think that they could touch lives through their daily lives which ultimately makes the biggest impact in their communities and world.  My desire is to reignite the light in others through the Driven 11 mission. I wrote the album to encourage struggling believers to see themselves from God’s perspective and not from their own.

4. The YMI question: Why do you do what you do?

I see too many believers being passive in their faith.  We are called to be so much more and it begins by taking small steps to achieve great things.

5. What advice would you give to a young person?

Continually acknowledge other people’s existence by speaking truth into their lives.  A simple kind word can create a ripple effect that will change hearts around the world!

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