What scares you the most about reaching out to others?

  1. Zarah
    Zarah says:

    I really have the burden to preach the good news to my friend but I am a shy type of person, I think that is the hindrance. I do know that Christians are obliged to preach the good news to all creation. but sometimes I experience mental block and I cant even say a word.

  2. ymiblogging
    ymiblogging says:

    Hi Zarah, we know exactly how you feel! Sharing the gospel is not an easy task and sometimes takes deliberate effort on our part. Take comfort that God knows our struggles and we can commit our cares to him. There are many ways to share the gospel, how about consider writing a card to a friend over special occasions like Good Friday, Easter or Christmas?

  3.;);) says:

    hey zarah 😉
    we share the same thing,hehe. How about inviting your dear friend to some events (like the ones mentioned-ymiblogging:)) and from there, get some help from other members;) and of course, with prayer. God bless and may you find something about the Great I Am today.hehe:)

  4. Zarah
    Zarah says:

    Thanks for your advices. Being shy to share the gospel orally urged me to make my own blog. There is where I post my devotions and articles. that is my way to reach out youths who doesnt know Christ.


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