This comic was illustrated by Mave, whom you may remember from previous illustrations such as HOME.

One chapter will be launched every week – look out for it!

About the comic:
Danielle is a modern-day Daniel, who has to face up to the bullies in her volleyball team as she struggles to make the right decisions in the face of resentment and betrayal.

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  1. Brigham
    Brigham says:

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  2. Enbuoh
    Enbuoh says:

    Really love it! At first, I thought it was too predictable, being based on the story of Daniel. But then, the drug test completely caught me off guard, and then I was like, “Okay, the story could go anywhere now.” And it did. I loved the ending. I only wish I have read this sooner. But having read Manasseh: The Comeback King before this, I’d say there’s no harm done.


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